Some Features of a Contemporary Documentation Center

“Algunos aspectos de un centro de documentación contemporáneo / Some Features in a Contemporary Documentation Center”. In vv.aa. Investigación en torno al diseño. Valencia: CDD: Centre de Documentació IMPIVA Disseny, 2011, pp. 104-107. First talk, and subsequently published essay, where I publicly presented the outline of the brand new MACBA Study Center, which had just opened as I delivered this talk in Valencia. My text summarizes the main features of the collections that were currently being defined and initiated, and underlines the objectives that we expected the Study Center to achieve. It was published in Spanish and in English. Both versions can be consulted here: Mela_Davila_IMPIVA_2010 The entire publication where my article appeared, entitled Investigación en torno al diseño / Research around Design and published by IMPIVA, Valencia, in 2010, can be consulted here.