Buch / Kunst / Dialog. Talks with Artists about their Artist Books

In the spring of 2014, the Cervantes Institute in Hamburg launches a series of presentations featuring the relationship between art and the book, and its confluence in the genre of the artist’s book. Spanish and Latin American artists in whose practice the book plays a relevant role will come to the Cervantes Institute so as to present their artists’ books and discuss the motivations, constraints and intentions that are specific to this format. During the talks, the audience will have available a selection of artists books made ??by each of these artists, so that they can access and experience firsthand their formats and content.

Since the 1950s, many artists have used in their creative activity different publishing formats: from posters to postcards, through all kinds of printed artwork and, of course, the book. The Spanish and Latin American genealogy is particularly rich in this regard, although to some extent still little known, despite including such significant figures such as Francisco Pino (Valladolid, Spain, 1910-2002 ) , Edgardo Antonio Vigo (La Plata, Buenos Aires, 1928 – 1997), Clemente Padín (Lascano, Uruguay, 1939), Mirtha Dermisache (Buenos Aires, 1940 – Paris, 2011) and especially Ulises Carrión (Veracruz, Mexico, 1941 – Amsterdam, 1980), all active in the second half of the twentieth century.

More recently, the generation of artists born in the decades of 1960-1970 was growing while the use of the personal computer became general, desktop publishing tools expanded, and social networks are constituted in new means of social communication and affective. In their artistic projects, younger artists move seamlessly between genres such as video, performance, installation and, of course, the artist’s book. What are their motivations for this, and what are their objectives? From what perspective do they address the book as an artistic genre? What are their reader’s expectations? How do the resources and distribution channels that allow them to realize their publishing projects work? These and other questions will be discussed along the sessions, in order to draw a picture of the field of contemporary artists’ publications in Spain and Latin America.