Seminars «Archives of the Commons» 1 and 2

Projects — 2105, 2017

In 2015 and 2017 respectively, we at the Dept. of Public Programs Area of Museo Reina Sofía organized, in collaboration with the Southern Conceptualisms Network —and the Foundation of the Commons in the first edition—, the first two seminars of «Archives of the Commons».

Our intention was to devote these encounters to thinking about and discussing issues related to social, cultural and political memory in the present moment, in particular through the work of the archives that produce, preserve and transmit such memory. We also wanted to reflect about how archival practices – specifically, when they adopt the perspective of the commons – can nurture a new framework of social and political imagination that strengthens the democratic character of our societies.

Exhibition view. Daniel G. Andújar. Operating System, 2015