«Documentos», at Museo Reina Sofía

Projects — 2017

Documentos is a public program initiated in 2017, whose events are intended to reflect upon or discuss issues related to the archive, both as a theoretical concept and as a practical task. These events may take all types of formats: from conferences and round tables to ephemeral exhibitions, dance and artistic interventions.

Thus, for example, it was in the framework of this public program, and in relation to the exhibition Bibliotecas insólitas, held at La Casa Encendida in 2017, that artist Enric Farrés Duran presented Biblioteca sin títulos: an site-specific piece in the Reading Room of the Library, for which he had a set of the books in the shelves turned around, so that their spines remained hidden.

In doing so, these rows of books turned into some kind of sculptural piece, and Farrés also used this change of position – a seemingly irrelevant detail – as an excuse to embark on a process of historical research on the changing symbolic value of books throughout history.