Formas de acción posibles – Aparador de Llibres #3

Projects — 2013

I was invited to curate and present Book Showcase #3 early in 2013. My selection of books would coincide with the exhibition Intervened Library, for which a number of artists had been invited to intervene on already existing books, thereby creating one-of-a-kind artist publications. I decided to look in the opposite direction, choosing for Book Showcase #3 artist’s publications where the book – and, by extensión, the library – had not been conceived as the “result” of creative work, but rather as a trigger for actions and interventions intended to happen in real space and time.

My title was taken from a poster designed by Braço de Ferro (Isabel Carvalho & Pedro Nora, Porto) in 2009, entitled Um livro é uma forma de acção possível [A book is a possible form of action]. This poster, in turn, was based on the artist magazine “Ne coupez pas nº 4”, created by Jean Claude Moineau around 1966.

Book Showcase was an ongoing collaborative project between the bookshop Multiplos Books, Barcelona, and the curatorial team DAFO: David Armengol and Jordi Antas.