A Hinge between Library and Exhibition Space

Projects — 2013

We had the opportunity to research and explore exhibition displays for books and documents when, in 2010, MACBA was invited to take part in the research project MeLa: European Museums in an Age of Migrations, a four-year research project funded by the European Commission (FP7), aimed to delineate new approaches for museums in the context of migrations of people, cultures, ideas, information and knowledge in the global world.

Within this project, at the MACBA Study Center we developed a Call for Architecture Proposals for the redesign of our exhibition space and display system, addressed to postgraduate architecture students in Europe. Among the participants were, in Barcelona, the Escola Superior d’Architectura de Barcelona and the Escola Eina; in Milan, the Architecture Department of the Polytechnic Institute; in Naples, The Faculty of Architecture. 

The Study Center received a total of forty-one proposals from 180 students of architecture and design. The publication with the results of this research exercise can be seen here.