Projects — 2020

Archives of the Commons 2: The Anomic Archive

This book brings together the lectures presented during the second edition of seminar Archive of the Commons II, which was co-organized by Foundation of the Commons, Museo Reina Sofía Museum and Southern Conceptualisms Network, and took place in Madrid in 2017. The seminar set off to review the role of the archive in contemporary culture, its metaphorical potential and also its possible use as a tool for knowledge and critical practice.

Projects — 2014

«Autor, actor, lector. El camino de la performance al libro»

Autor, actor, lector. El camino de la performance al libro surge del encargo que recibí del Centro de Documentación de La Panera para realizar el capítulo 5 de la panera online, una serie de exposiciones en forma de vídeo dedicadas al libro de artista.