Beyond This Point, Nothing is Fiction

Texts — 2021

The artist’s book Aparicions / Apariciones is part of the exhibition project Coses que pasen, in which the artist Enric Farrés Durán uses the institutional archive of the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) as a primary source of materials and inspiration. For the preparation of this project, as with other people who had been involved in the history of MACBA’s institutional archive, Enric had several long conversations with me in which we talked about archives, keywords, credit pages, books, fictions and realities of all kinds.

This book, whose original spark (the idea of an editor and good friend) was ignited during these conversations, highlights the fictional, almost unreal, quality of the art institution by decontextualizing and bringing together all the colophon (or credit) pages of the 125 exhibition catalogs published by MACBA since its foundation.

My contribution to the publication, designed by the Barcelona studio Todojunto, consisted of writing a short text on fictions, metafictions, institutions and imaginative potentialities.