Desfases del archivo: cómo construir la imagen desde la memoria (y no a la inversa). Tres casos de estudio

Texts — 2017

Crónicas Mecas is a collective project based on family albums that the town of O Grove (North Spain) is developing on Facebook. Territorio Archivo started as an exhibition project for the Cerezales Foundation, in León (central Spain) and then became an online archive, compiling pictures from various family albums and also audio files. Sammlung Minna Menz / Minna Menz Collection, finally, is not strictly an archive; it is an artist’s book exploring the passage of time and absence, in whose pages the roles of drawing and photography as means for documenting the past have been subverted. All three projects share aspects in which photography relates to anthropology, sociology and personal memory.

This article gathers some of the ideas upon which I based my contribution to the seminar Memoria y desacuerdo: políticas del archivo, registro y álbum familiar (Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Huesca, October 2016), in which I used these three case studies so as to consider notions related to identity, archives and photography.