Miralda and the «Food Cultura» Project

Projects — 2011

Artist Miralda’s archive encompasses souvenirs, fragments of his art works, books, cooking and eating artefacts from all over the world, artist’s publications, contributions by visitors to his many interactive installations, photographs, press clippings…

In 2011, Miralda requested the MACBA Study Center to help him create a database which would manage such a complex pattern of archive and artistic materials. Ideally, this database should allow the description of individual objects, bring together archive documents and art works, convey the relationships among them… and, at the same time, be easy to use for non-archivists.

The result of our collaboration was a tailored FileMaker Pro template which allows individual registers for each item, keeps track of management records (such as exhibitions where every item, be it an artwork or a document, is shown), and will soon feed content to the artist website as well.