Modificar lo dado. La experimentación espacial en los libros de Francisco Pino

Texts — 2017

“But books, seen as autonomous realities, can contain any (written) language, not only literary language, or even any other systems of signs”, Ulises Carrión would affirm a few years later in his celebrated essay “The new art of making books ” And he continued: “To make a book is to actualize its ideal space-time sequence by means of the creation of a parallel sequence of signs, be it linguistic or other.” The book Poema, by Francisco Pino, published five years before this essay, anticipated almost literally the radicality of this perspective that Pino and Carrión shared with equal fervor. Other books by Pino, such as Terrón, cántico (1974) and Ventana, oda (1976), would materialize the same premise in different ways.

These and other books are discussed in this text, which is part of the catalog published by the MUSAC on occasion of the exhibition Francisco Pino. Such a Nothing as Reality (2017).