Muntadas’ «Between the Frames»

Projects — 2011

Between 1983 and 1993, Antoni Muntadas (Barcelona, 1942) interviewed 156 professionals from the art world, and then edited the more than 200 ensuing hours of video footage, cutting them into eight chapters that, in total, amount to around 40 min of video recordings. These went on to form part of the installation Between the Frames: The Forum (Barcelona), 1983-1993 (2011). The original videotapes with the complete interview recordings were put inside cardboard boxes and stored in Muntadas’ archive in New York City.

Those tapes came to light again when, in 2009, we reached an agreement with Muntadas to digitize the 200 hours of original interviews and transfer a copy to the MACBA’S Study Center, where they would become available for public consultation, either individually or as a whole. 

This was the first in a series of digital preservation actions that confronted us with new sorts of “transactions” and collaboration forms between private archives and our institution