Author / Actor / Reader. From Performance to the Book

(Cast) La conferencia performativa es un subgénero de la performance en el que los recursos, la técnica y las herramientas de las conferencias académicas se ponen al servicio de la práctica artística. Las conferencias performativas suelen echar mano…

Time as Choreographer. William Kentridge at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg

(Cast) «Hará unos diez meses, un día llamé a mi padre por teléfono. Quería contarle que me había llegado una invitación para las Norton Lectures de Harvard. “Y…”, me replicó, “¿vas a tener algo que decir?”…»

“When Attitudes Become Form” and the Time Machine

(Cast) …When Attitudes Become Form: Bern 1969 / Venice 2013, abierta al público entre junio y noviembre de 2013 en la sede veneciana de la Fundación Prada, es un ejemplo particularmente interesante de esta tendencia. El reto, en este caso, consistía en “recuperar” la mítica exposición de 1969…

New Uses for Old Images. Miserachs Archive’s Way into the Museum

This essay recounts the process along which, working hand in hand with the photographer’s family, the MACBA Study Center defined and developed the conditions for the Xavier Miserachs’ Archive to be transferred to the museum.

Towards a New Model for Museum Libraries

On the wake of the gradual significance that libraries, archives and, in general, documentary collections have acquired in recent years, in 2011 the Spanish Ministry of Education organized an encounter of museum professionals from these areas

Colección / Recolección. La idea de coleccionar como praxis editorial

A short text about the links between collectors and publishers, with particular focus in artist magazines published in contemporary Catalonia.

Process vs. Product. New Paths for Archiving in Contemporary Art

My article for Elena Roseras’ book on innovation management in the cultural sector, which was published in 2012, set out to analyze the work done since, at the end of 2007, the Study Center of MACBA opened its doors and started operating.

Latin American Documents at the Study Center of MACBA

For their special issue on collections of documents related to Latin American contemporary art, issued in the summer of 2012, the Londoner magazine Art Libraries Journal requested us to describe the highlights of MACBA’s holdings in this particular field.

Archival Explosions: Archives in the Making

In my contribution to this dossier, I discuss a number of cases where art practices result in publications and/or archival documents which (a) should, in spite of their book- or document-forms, be strongly considered as candidates to enter art (instead of document) collections, and (b) are hardly possible to process in terms of traditional archival or library classification systems.

¿Es una obra, o es un documento? El Centro de Estudios y Documentación del MACBA

I was invited to describe the scope, methods and objectives of MACBA Study Center, and did so by elaborating on the various theoretical parameters that we were then using to guide us in the expansion of our holdings. All of the illustrations were taken from items in our various collections.